Landlines set to be removed from dorm rooms at M.I.T. [telecom]

According to a statement released by the Division of Student Life, ... landline telephones will be removed from all on-campus dorm bedrooms by the end of summer.

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Oops, July 2012 :)

I thought it kind of odd an article about dorm room amenities surfaced when Coronavirus has student housing shut down.


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Carp! Drat! How could that be?


I always restrict my searches by date. This time, I forgot. I loved the dormphone system: it had Step-by-step exchanges, one of which was located next door to the studios of WTBS, the M.I.T. radio station where I learned the trade that supported me for most of the 1970's.

They were equipped with 2600 Hz detectors on each line appearance, so that students who were "Pheeping off dormphone" could be identified and excoriated for improving Mother Bell's profit margin.

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Jeffrey Walton

That article is 8 years old.

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Yes, I know that now. I was thinking about the good old days when I was young and fascinating and irresistable, and I was able to read stories in The Tech without reaching for my glasses - so please, dear readers, cut me some slack.

I am terribly, fervently, absolutely and forever sorry. It won't ever, ever, ever happen again. Cross my heart and hope to die!

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