NBA Partner AT&T is No Friend of Black Lives Matter [telecom]

NBA Partner AT&T is No Friend of Black Lives Matter

Through donations to police foundations and partnerships with law enforcement groups, AT&T helps the police further militarize and execute the War on Drugs.

By Donald Shaw

The NBA playoffs will resume this weekend, players decided on Thursday, after the Milwaukee Bucks sparked a multi-league strike by refusing to play their scheduled game earlier in the week against the Orlando Magic to protest for justice for Jacob Blake.

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Normally, I wouldn't run a story like this. However, something like this happened during McCarthyism: companies which made contributions to charities later labelled "Communist" were called to renounce them by the red-baiters.

Accusing a corporation (let along a public utility) of racism is, in effect, a demand that it stop donating money to anyone but . It goes without saying that such extortion never works the way those hurling the accusation want - it just causes all the big donors to sit on their checkbooks and wait for the dust to settle, which means that BIPOC who depend on various public-service agencies are suddenly forced to seek help from the government.

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