Junk Cell Phone Call

Just received a telemarketing call to my cell phone from (416)

777-9552. Return call to this number is answered by a machine which launches into a pitch for a "special offer", but gives no information as to identity of calling party -- just says they'll call me again.

Have received multiple recent calls from what seems to be the same source, under different numbers.

Can any experts dredge up the identity of this caller, and perhaps a related 1-800 number I could call back for further information?

[TELECOM Digest Editor's Note: Now, Mr. Siegman, you are not hinting that the fine readers here should _abuse_ the company are you? Just like with the internet, where we are not to dictate how others are allowed to use their sites, neither are we permitted to tell others how to use their telephones. Just ask any right-thinking person. PAT]
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