External call forward to cell phone over PRI/BRI

I am trying to assist users in setting up external call forwarding to cell phones via a Norstar MICS with system software 5.0 and another running 4.1. The latter uses PRI for outbound trunks and the former BRIs. Routing is set up properly and the external call forward can be applied to a phone, but we find that while forward to land lines works fine, forward to a cell phone consistently results in a dropped call once it dials the cell number. A fast busy signal is usually received by the caller. Are there signaling differences/limitations between ISDN circuits and cell phone lines that create this condition? A detailed technical explanation would be appreciated. Thanks.

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On the BRI based 5.0 system, external call forward to cell phones using full 10 digit number works, i.e. 91415xxxxxxx works where 9xxxxxxx doesn't.

On the PRI system this does not change anything when forwarding to certain cell carriers, like Verizon. It can be forwarded to a Cingular based phone however. In fact, a call to that (Cingular) fowarded phone cannot be placed from a Verizon cell phone, but landlines and others worked. There seems to be no rhyme or reason to what works and what doesn't.

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Did u ever get an answer for this? did u need some sort of GSM gateway? I am the same problem and I am guessing it is because of the different protocols.

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