Hold Onto Your Hats: North American Pay TV Forecast Is Stormy [telecom]

By Laura Hamilton, CED, 05/20/2016

North American pay TV revenues are predicted to fall by $13.5 billion between

2015 and 2021, according to Research and Markets' new "Digital TV World Revenue Forecasts." The report calls out cord cutting as responsible for some of the loss, but it says greater competition and conversion to bundles (with the lower revenues for TV than standalone offers) as more pressing factors. [snip]

"Most of the rest of the world will not follow the North American experience," Murray says. "True, pay TV revenues will fall in 27 countries between 2015 and

2021, but not to the same extent as in Canada and the U.S. Most countries are nowhere near the market maturity achieved in North America."

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Furthermore most countries don't have laws like the grotesquely-misnamed "Cable Television Consumer Protection and Competition Act of 1992" that allows broadcast stations to demand even-increasing retransmission-consent fees and grants them the right to demand that MPVDs carry, and pay for, co-owned non-broadcast channels.

Neal McLain aka "Texas Voter"

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The problem with declining TV revenues is that cable operators will try to compensate by raising phone and internet fees.

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