American Tower [telecom]

Excerpt from Seven Boston Executives on What You Might Not Know About Their Companies ...

Finally, Jim Taiclet is the chairman, president, and CEO of American Tower, which just might be the most important Boston company you've never heard of.

We're the only cell-tower company with global reach - with nearly 150,000 sites in 15 different countries on five continents. And we're the leading independent provider of towers in the largest free-market democracies on all five of those continents. Nobody else even comes close to our size and reach.

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Monty Solomon
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As a ham radio operator my ARES public service group has had signi- ficant issues with American Tower. They come in, buy up what they can, and kick out the hams, many times finding thousands of dollars of repeater gear tossed in a heap for garbage pickup without a warning shot over our bow. Maybe it's just the local American Tower guy has a bad attitude, but he has a bad attitude even with local government representatives.

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Steve Stone

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American Tower bought the majority of the AT&T Long-Lines microwave sites. (Ma had ~3000 at one point.)

American Tower sold some, and lease out space on others.

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