Every time I *try* and hate Her Kids a little less -- LNP and Ringmate [Telecom]

So I'm coordinating a move for a DC organization. One issue was would Verizontal let them keep the same DN's; even though they are moving across CO boundaries.

In my experience, the first answer is "no" so you mention "OK, I'll LNP the customer to a CLEC" and suddenly "Oh yes, it IS possible..." After all, DC is all one rate center.

This time, I checked months ahead, and was told there was no problem.

So I go to place the move order, and oops, there IS a problem. One of the published [as in letterhead, business cards, etc] numbers is a "Ringmate" [line], a.k.a. a "distinctive ring" [service]. That's the [organization's] published fax number; the fax machine detects the ring pattern and grabs the call.

Ms. Zontal NOW tells me that while they'll gladly terminate the primary numbers at the new place; they won't do so with it. Grrr.

Any suggestions?

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CLEC's can place UNE orders for Ringmate in New England, so I'll assume it's the same in The District of Columbia. You could, in the extreme case, convert the Ringmate number to POTS, port it to a CLEC, and then have them convert it back to Ringmate.

OTOH, if it was me, I'd screan loudly and long to every newspaper, radio talk show, and TV reporter who would listen while I was preparing a formal complaint for the FCC. Don't forget to send a "Deliver to Recipient Only" snail mail to Ivan.

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