So Many iPhone Apps, So Little Time

So Many iPhone Apps, So Little Time
February 5, 2009
Who was it who wrote, in March 2008, just after Apple announced its
intention to create an online app store for the iPhone, "You're
witnessing the birth of a third major computer platform: Windows, Mac
OS X, iPhone"?
Oh, right--that was me.
Anyway, there are now 15,000 programs available on the App Store, and
so many more are flooding in that Apple's army of screeners can't
even keep up. I keep meaning to write a thoughtful, thorough roundup
of the very best of these amazing programs, but every day that I
don't do it, the job becomes more daunting. (But don't worry. I'll
get around to it.)
For the moment, let's use a single program as a case study. It's one
of the most magical programs I've ever seen for the iPhone, and
probably for any computer. It's Ocarina, named after the ancient clay
wind instrument.
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