Editorial: Telecom giants need to answer this wake-up call [telecom]

By the Albuquerque Journal Editorial Board Albuquerque, NM

Imagine your flight is canceled because of a winter storm. You try to use the app on your cellphone to summon an Uber or a Lyft, but there's no internet. Ditto for trying to call, text or email someone to pick you up or to let someone at your destination know you will be a no-show.

Imagine trying to pay for dinner or return that sweater you had the bad luck of receiving on Christmas Day. With no internet or phone line, there's no way to process your purchase or refund.

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Bill Horne
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This is an excellent editorial that asks very important questions.

Unfortunately, in today's regulatory climate (or lack thereof), I don't think we'll ever get answers. Maybe not even lip service.

Today, communications carriers are out solely to make a buck, and a quick buck at that. Despite that big advertising campaigns claiming high reliability and excellent customer service, the truth is that behind the scenes they're zealous cost-cutters and could care less if service is bad. They know the competition offers just as bad service, so customers won't defect. They know they have a full or near monopoly.

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