How to make Call Pilot answer immediately?

We do a lot of transfers directly to a user's Voice Mail box using Call Pilot. Much of the company needs their calls screened.

Is there any way to make a button on a phone that would allow instant access to Call Pilot? This ring and a half for answer is a real time killer, especially when you're juggling calls.

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On my system 8699 is the Vmail number and 8698 is Express Messaging. I could program an autodial key (ADL 4 8698) on my system it answers and I enter the Vmail box.

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Express messaging is the idea, but Call Pilot takes a full ring to answer. When you're juggling 6 calls and have to wait for the ring answer sequence, it's a killer. Other systems have a way to transfer the caller direct to voice mail. You just press the button, key the mail box and release.

Using Express messaging you have to transfer to Express Messaging, wait for the answer, key in the mailbox, pound, and then press connect.

The extra button presses are not that big a deal, but waiting 6 seconds just to transfer to voice mail seems wrong to me. Is there any way to adjust Call Pilot to answer without the need for a ring?

This is an Option 11c 25.405B CP 201i/2.27



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i'm not positive this will work and don't have any way to check it out right now, but try it and let the group know. Go to sdn table and put the call pilot acd que dn in as voice messaging. Go to phantom dn for express messaging and set dcfw to acd que instead of cdn.

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Pls need help programming a call buffer mdr-2000e connected to a meridian opt 11C SMDR. The SMDR is ok (tested w/ pc in terminal emulation) so is the MDR-200E(also tested connected to serial of pbx, and terminal in the modem port). We setup the box to work in IP mode in our lan. We can login to box with telnet to por 9999 in program mode. Up to now ok. Also can telnet to port

3000 (to collect data) BUT ... we login ... we give the proper commands (as per the manual) no results.

We bought this call buffer from local telco (Dominican Republic) and they just gave us the manual and the equipment. Their tech claims he doesn't know how to make work in ip. He does and did in serial mode.

Pls somebody show me how to do this!!! I'm IT/IS integrator and former telecomm tech, with no experience with this box.

TKS very much for any possible help!



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