Credit Reports, was: AT&T Customers Being Taken Over By AllTel

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But when all is said and done, and resolved, pull a credit report

> anyhow. You are now entitled to one free report per year - that was a > law in certain states before, but it is now a *federal* law, with all > US citizens being entitled to the free report.

Pretty close, but not quite yet. Soon ...

The Feds mandated free access, but on a sliding map. It started with the west coast Dec 2004 and is making its way across to the Atlantic.

Most of the US is already covered, but the east coasters have to wait until September, 2005.

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and ...

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[TELECOM Digest Editor's Note: But by the time the original party refuses to pay the thousand dollars, gets placed with an agency (if that happens, which I doubt) we will be around to September already. Anyway, she is from Texas, I do not know if that is east coast or west coast for the purpose of when credit bureau files will be available or not. PAT]
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