Best way to collect fines from telespammers? [Telecom]

Anyone have some advice or even specific attorneys who will deal with scumbag companies that use abusive/illegal telemarketing tactics? A quick synopsis is this:

1) This company offers something with the "bait & switch" to get your number. 2) After they repeatedly call using an auto-dialer (which, in and of itself is illegal, right?) which usually disconnects the call after some dead time because it's a piece of crap. 3) They call repeatedly throughout the day, sometimes late (past 7pm), many times every 5-10 minutes. 4) I did speak to someone more than once demanding they never call again and to take my number out of their system, I also let them know they number they call cost ME money per minute as it's a mobile phone. The last call I got a human, I informed them I was recording the call (which, I was) then repeated the same thing, they acknowledged clearly that they did hear and understand what I just said. 5) Later that same night I got ANOTHER call from these scumbags. 6) I also have a quite detailed call log of dates and times of many calls they have made, there are several, enough to show that it is abusive/harrassment.

So, what does it take to nail them for some money? I realize it's probably a hassle, but, they deserve it so I'll go out of my way to get it done.

Thanks for any info/experiences you might have on how to do this or if you actually have done it.

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B. Wright
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