Any user reviews of the Magic Jack? [Telecom]

Does anybody have anything to say, good or bad, about the Magic Jack?

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Look up Atlanta consumer advocate Clark Howard

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My understanding is that he likes it.

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I had never heard of the thing, but I will say that a google search on "Magic Jack" was very interesting.


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Scott Dorsey

Another interesting approach to voip from a laptop, which seems great for foreign travel, is

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. This page includes a flash application that does voip. They also include code for you to embed it in your own web page. So, what's nice about it is you need no extra hardware (assuming you have a microphone) and no installed software, other than a web browser you already have.


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I use it. The only thing that annoyed me intially was that there were no numbers available in the 401 NPA, but now there are. I ended up getting one in the MA/Boston 617 NPA and I think I'll keep that.

The quality is damned good though the USB port on the device is flakey. It doesn't quite properly mate with a PC USB port. That's really my only gripe.

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