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From: Bruce Kushnik, of Teletruth

Just saw a letter to MCI customers in New York City that they are no longer going to be providing local, local toll and/or long distance.

If the customer does nothing they are put on a Verizon plan --- (of course the money stated for the costs is missing about 35% of the total bill -- such as the FCC Line Charge, USF, taxes and surcharges, or inside wiring or ....)

What is Verizon doing about the other MCI customers outside their territory (besides continually raising they rates so that they leave)?

In CA, when AT&T's name change occurred, [they] kept the old AT&T customers on the old plans, using "AT&T Corp." and moved the SBC customers to AT&T Long Distance -- What happened to the AT&T customers in the Verizon states -- AT&T has been simply increasing their rates until they leave.

B. -- See letter below. ---- ==============================

MCI Verizon P.O. Box 3404 P.O. Box 9000 Cedar Rapids, IA 52406-3404 Annapolis, MD 21401-9000


According to our records, your local, local toll, and/or long distance service is provided by MCI*. MCI will no longer provide residential or small business local, and bundled local, local toll and long distance telephone service in your area after JULY 6, 2009, subject to state and federal approvals. Verizon and MCI are pleased to offer you the opportunity to receive ongoing value by transitioning your telephone service from MCI to Verizon. While you will experience a change in providers, you will enjoy exceptional telecommunications service if you switch to Verizon. Please review this letter and consider your options to replace your MCI service.

You have three options to choose from:

  1. CHOOSE NOT TO TAKE ANY ACTION. If you do not select a new telephone service provider on or before JULY 6, 2009, Verizon will automatically become your local telephone service provider at no cost to you. Your telephone number will remain the same.

Your new calling plan with Verizon will be Freedom Essentials. It includes unlimited calling within the United States and Canada. Also included are Call Waiting, Caller ID and Home Voice Mail (where available) for one low rate of $44.99 - *49.99 per month. Certain calling features you may have used will not be included in your new calling plan.

  1. SELECT ANOTHER TELEPHONE PROVIDER. You have the right to select any company that is offering telephone service in your area. You must select a new telephone provider on or before JULY 6, 2009. To make this change, you will need to call that provider directly and you will be responsible for any charges imposed by the new provider for making this change. A list of most local telephone service providers is in your local telephone directory.

  1. CONTACT VERIZON directly on or before JULY 6, 2009, at 1-877-953-5552 to select the calling plan that best suits your calling needs and to learn about current promotions for voice, video and Internet product and bundled options.

If you transfer your local telephone service to another carrier or your service is migrated to Verizon, you will need to re-establish any blocking options you currently have, including 900 number blocking and collect call blocking. If you have a long distance preferred carrier freeze, MCI will remove it in order to transition your service to Verizon. If you change to another carrier, you must first contact MCI to remove the preferred carrier freeze. Once you have transferred your service, you will need to contact your new carrier to re-establish the freeze.

If your telephone service will be provided by Verizon, you will receive a welcome letter from Verizon. A final bill will come from MCI, and your new monthly bill will come from Verizon. You will be notified in your Verizon monthly bill if there are any changes to your rates, terms or conditions based on the services you have selected. You will not incur any charges for the automatic transfer to Verizon. You may change your calling plan at no cost by calling Verizon after the transfer.

If you have any questions regarding this notice, your MCI account, billing issues, complaints, or the discontinuation of service, please call MCI at 1-800-444-0003. For questions regarding Verizon service, please call Verizon at 1-877-953-5552 or visit

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Verizon and MCI

*MCI refers to the following companies: MCImetro Access Transmission Services LLC, MCI Communications Services, Inc.; TTI National, Inc. and Teleconnect Long Distance Services and Systems Company (d/b/a Telecom*USA).

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