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Re: the thread with the patch panel woes. I was asked to fix an open at the patch panel jack. It shows open at the patch panel with my DSP-2000, so i'm going to have to repunch it down. But I've never had to work on a patch panel with 48 ports, and in this case most of the cat5s are covering up the bad jack. I'm wondering if it's really a Good Idea to even mess around with that port, and just repull another run and terminate on the same vicinity.

Funny, but there's a different patch panel within a few feet of the drop, but the contractor(when the bldg was built) decided to run all the drops in that room to another patch panel fifty feet away. It might be because of the floor being raised, and it was easier to run it thru the raised floor and conduits. But in any case, my whole problem is that the density of the cables behind the patch panel is so great that it's a real witch of a job. And they're going to bug me next week about it, because it's a workstation in a classroom and they want if fixed asap.

Oh, well..

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It is definitely going to be a bitch of a job on a tightly packed panel. But if you have to do it anyways, be very careful not to disturb any other cables. Un-tie what's possible and try to push bundles to the side that's not covering the connector. Also, get yourself needle nose pliers. Those are indispensable when pulling the wires out of an IDC contact. Radio Shack variety is just fine, no need for high-end extra long ones, although those are oh-so-good ;-). Before you attempt to re-terminate, examine the jack from the front. Sometimes the pins get bent or damaged. If so it wouldn't make much sense to re-terminate, obviously.

Good luck!

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