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|On Wed, Sep 19, 2007 at 12:33:47AM -0400, Dan Lanciani wrote: |> I finally gave in and cancelled my analog cell phone service. This |> leaves me with a fair bit of quipment that is headed for the trash |> unless someone wants it. I have: |> |> -a number of MicroTac Elites (mostly EE2, one EE3) |> -a number of 3W car kits for the above (mostly EE2, one EE3) |> (One car kit is mounted in a bag phone bag for portable operation.) |> -a number of bag phones of various vintages |> -RJ11 adapters for both the Elite and bag phones (or Elite in car kit) |> -assorted chargers, cigarette lighter adapters, cables, cradles, antennas |> |> Dan Lanciani |> ddl@danlan.*com | |Dan, | |I suggest you donate the items to a local battered women's shelter or |other charitable organization.

Would they want them with analog service going away in a few months? Would they understand that they shouldn't be handing them out as emergency phones for the same reason?

|If you prefer to have them picked up, |you might put an ad in the "free" section of Craigslist.

I don't know. It would have to be a pretty specialized need and I'd be worried that readers of those lists would think they were getting something for consumer use. The only applications I can think of are (a) another country that isn't phasing out analog yet, (b) building your own phone system and/or adapting to amateur frequencies, or (c) cannibalizing for parts. Thus I started with comp.dcom.telecom and may move on to some of the ham/electronics groups if there is no interest here.


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As you can see, Mr. Lanciani offered to donate some analog equipment, and I suggested he consider a more local forum than C.D.T.

However, he makes a good point, so with AMPS going away, I'll ask the readership for feedback: please tell us if AMPS is going to be used in any other places for a enough time to make donations worthwhile, or if there are other uses for the analog cell equipment in general.

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One problem with old telephone sets is that the batteries are unable to hold a charge for very long* and replacement batteries are unavailable. One of the reasons I switched to digital was that my Motorola 550 batteries were good for only about 15 minutes of talk time. I basically just used it as a car phone where I had the car charger to power it. I tried looking for batteries but couldn't find any new ones; used ones at yard sales were no good, couldn't hold a charge at all.

(One reason I kept my old phone was that my service for me needs was very cheap, only $20 a month. But Verizon offered some nice intermediate plans to stay with them along with a decent free phone so I upgraded to digital. The newer phones and more comprehensive plans did encourage me to use the cell phone more than I did in the past.)

*Battery life in my new digital phone doesn't seem so good. In one cycle, I had the phone only when I made calls on it. I made three 20 minute calls and that exhausted the battery (total 60 minutes of talk time). I thought a modern battery would do better. It seems that other people get more usage out of their phones, plus they leave them on 24/7. Perhaps I should complain to Verizon? It's hard to judge battery life since normally standby time is mixed in.
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Or just look in the local phone book to see if you have a Batteries Plus outlet nearby. They can do it.

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