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Please take a look at the current online issue of The Telecom Digest, which is at

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I'd like to know how you feel about the revised format: to send feedback, please use the "Reply To" address, or leave the "[nfp]" tag in the subject line.

I won't be disclosing your name or address, because I want frank, brutally honest opinions. ;-)


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I owe the readers an apology: I'm sorry, but judging by the responses I've received from several readers, I seem to have created the impression that I was going to abandon the email and/or Usenet distribution channels we've always used, and switch to a web-only publication.

That is *NOT* the case, and I never intended to imply that I would consider abandoning Usenet or email in favor of the web. The Telecom Digest will be distributed by email and Usenet as long as those channels are still available.

What I *am* doing is sprucing up the *online* version of the digest, i.e., I'm giving a facelift to the website where copies of the digest have /always/ been available for reading. The website is intended for those readers whom prefer web-based displays, or whom employ "web only" devices, or whom don't have access to Usenet, or whom use restricted corporate email systems that don't allow for personal emails. It get a copy of each day's digest edition, shortly after it's published to email subscribers, and that's the part I'm working to improve.

I hope that's more clear.

Bill P.S. Never mind the yellow-on-black. Non-starter, honest!

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