Muddy the waters just a little

I'm not here to pick an argument. I haven't hidden my identity. I am offering a service for a fee. If you think the service is worthwhile, fine. Otherwise, have a nice day.

Are you a privacy advocate? I have found a $2.00 way to turn the tables on those who would track your cash spending habits (and link that data to enough other databases to get a pretty complete picture of who you are and how you think.)

It's in my shopping cart (link below) under the category "Subversion".

You -can- do this without paying me. I earn my buck by making it easier and less public than talking your neighbor into the exchange.

Full details in the shopping cart ... but the basic idea is to make the consumer preferences databases unreliable to an unpredictable extent.

BTW, incoming records can be avoided by ferreting out my address on the website and handling the whole transaction via snail mail & cash. With cash transactions, beyond a simple cash journal, I keep no records at all. Incoming snail mail is shredded as soon as the corresponding outbound package is readied.


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