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I'm looking to get some CCTV cameras for my house, I'm aware of the link between cost and quality but budget for this is tight-ish. Was looking as these:

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but with a 4mm lens instead of the 8mm. Does anyone have any other suggestions? :)

Also (and a longer shot this time), I'm looking at the PV-149 card from Bluecherry, are there any cheaper alternatives that have 4 capture chips and are 100% Linux compatible?



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Peter Spikings
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Hi Possibilities are almost endless depending on the depth of your pocket. Depending on your needs look at vari-focal instead of fixed focas lenses get a CCD rather than CMOS camera look for a minimun 480 line resolution pref

520. You always get better resolution in B/W also you save on storage.Inbuilt IR leds seem a good idea but can cloud night images in moonlight (that's why the larger systems have remote IR lamps). As for a capture card there are a few 8 chanel cards out there most can be adapted to Linux by tweaking the provided software. If you're not into the programming side try the cards provided by these suppliers who also may give you a few ideas for cameras etc.
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consider a DVR recorder or network system. We have a 40 camera system on network still using win98 which isn't a long way from early Linux IIR.



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ISTR I had some success with a cheapo 4 port card from EBay which used the BT848 chipset:

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Sorry I can't gve any more info, it was long time ago and an abandoned project...

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