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Hope this is vaguely the right place to ask........

Does anybody know where I can get decent CCTV cameras in the UK at a reasonable price. Buying one and seeing if it works OK in low light levels is an expensive trail and error method.

I have a supposedly low lux radio camera from Ebay watching the rear of house from the garage which is next to useless in low light levels (completely black picture from around 16:00 to 10:00 this time of year). A second more expensive camera from Maplin watching the carport is OK for a longer period of the day but still not a lot of use at night. Both cameras have IR leds.

IR illuminators seem very expensive and I'd like to avoid having the house bristling with large security devices or the neighbours are going to think I'm some kind of paranoid weirdo.

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I usually use the following:

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I have the following camera, and find it exceptional in no light situations.

690IR B/W IR Camera 1/3" 420 TV Lines, 0 Lux upto 20m £79.95
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My advice is stay clear of Maplins and CMOS cheap nasty "bargin" cameras from Ebay

Its the old story of "You get what you pay for"

I've been in the business for 16 years and have watched CCTV market progress so much, the only advice i'll give you is do your homework before you buy,buy CCD only with at least a min of 480TVL and if its day/night useage go for HAD/Super HAD

I deal with a few different companies but can recommend - Andy @ APC Concepts in Warrington

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him a call or e-mail as i think hes updating his website

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also have a large selection of very reasonably priced infrared and low light cameras.

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Thanks for those.

Poxy Outlook went weird on me so I may have missed a few posts but I'll follow up what I've got here.

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