DVR and Cameras - looking for input

I'm planning a small DVR system to catch a vandal. I only need a couple cameras, but may expand. I'm looking for a system that works, isn't a big hassle to use, and is reliable.

Something like the system in this auction

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would probably do the job. But I would prefer to put together my own system. (Preferably for less than the $1200 price of that system, too.)

Here are some key points I have in mind:

  1. Outdoor cameras that can be wall mounted.

  1. Prefer cameras with terminal block type connections, as my cable runs will likely be various lengths. (I can do the wiring.)

  2. S-video out from the DVR for monitoring, or Ethernet with a built-in web server.

  1. Easy extraction of video from the DVR.

  2. Mac compatibility a big plus; or something that can be entirely controlled in a browser window.

  1. Common components, nothing too exotic, so I can easily replace or repair it when it breaks.

  2. Wire recommendations?

Please let me know your brand and model suggestions. Thanks!

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Jedd Haas
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Dimbo Spams

I like Supercircuits. Very knowledgeable and helpful. Here is their DVR systems page:

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Last time I checked with Supercircuits I believe they said all their DVRs used standards based web servers. Watch out for ones that use active x since that only works on Windows based machines running Internet Exploder, and even then it can be IE version specific. BEWARE! Be sure the vendor will allow returns unless the DVR will work FOR YOU with a web browser other than IE.

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Lewis Gardner

Weren't they just bought out by Logitech? Which usually means the entire product line will get discontinued, or at the very least cease any new development or updates...

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