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Can anyone recommend an outdoor CCTV camera for day/night use. I will be monitoring an area about 20 metres away and looking for something that will give good definition at night. Good enough to be able to recognise people at night. TIA

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If you can't stretch to a good PTZ dome, I would advise a good quality Day/Night camera with a very low lux level (at least 0.005) coupled with an auto iris 5-50mm vary focal lens. This will give the best quality image and allow for the focal adjustment required.

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Paul Ekins

Hi , Give Andy a ring .He is in Wakefield and I have just started using him. His kit is first class.Oh yes and well priced.

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The cams with the night vision, on the web site, I have just installed these at my house to observe my 4x4 at night, the range on these is approx 20mtrs picture quality first class.

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Mick. Modern Security Systems. Leeds.

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