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I am looking to possibly put a CCTV camera in a few bedrooms and wondering what type of camera I should be looking at. I'm thinking Dome cameras. I'm just not sure what type. They have day/night and some other varieties.

I've been looking on Ebay, at ones that cost around 60-100 dollars. Most seem to have between 420-480 lines of res. As well as low lux ratings. Are these decent does anyone know? A lot don't say manufacture. Though to get one by Pelco, or Lorex are insane amounts of cash and most are B/W only.

Anyone have some input to help me out!

Thanks, ~Matt

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From my experience I wouldn't get cameras from eBay , you can pick them up at places like Altronics or Jaycar for a reasonable price, things I look for are...

1.CCD , I have found that these give a better picture 2.Viewing angle , just check that if you got a 60 degree viewing angle this is OK 3.Lux , some have a built in infra red LED which IMHO are bad due to poor light and a narrow beam angle of LEDs, and this also fudges the Lux figure as they can say it works in zero light.

I personally go for a Black and white cameras as I find the picture nice , I also use a 120degree camera with no LED , I get them wholesale for about $100

Hope it helps you !

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