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I seem to recall refference to a wireless video link used for surveillance that broadcast on a frequency that was just below channel 14 on the UHF band. It csoulc supposedly be picked on a vernier tuned UHF TV by tuning to just below channel 14 on the UHF dial.

I was thinking of two different applications for this unit. If audio equipped wouldn't it be ideal for running a second small portable televison for say outdoor use around the house or sitting out by the pool watching the kids swim? Tune your satelite receiver or cable box to the channel you want and then tune in your portable TV to pick up the local broadcast.

The other idea is for some obscure troubleshooting applications when dealing with camreas that are not easy to just tie into while tracing a problem like PTZ domes.

Anyway. I don't recall having seen this frequency transmitter advertised in a while, and I was wondering if anybody knows what freq it is and if they are still available, and if there are higher power (like a full 1/4 watt brodcast power) still available?

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Bob La Londe
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Ha! Found one.

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Seems a bit pricey, but now I can look around a bit. Don't want to buy one from these guys though since they also sell to end users or anybody with a credit card.

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Bob La Londe

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