TruTest 800

Anyone use this unit for smoke detector testing?

If so -

Is it reliable?

How often does it need to be calibrated, and how is it accomplished?

Pricey but the time it saves could mean performing more inspections per day. Also it would be the only sensitivity tester I would need to cover any detector I encounter.

On another note, If I recall correctly, somebody on this ng is in Michigan - is there any word on when MI is going to adopt the NFPA-72,

2011? I can't find out anything through my meager contacts.
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I've never seen that thing, too high $$.

When we used to check sensitivity manually on the Baylor campus we used what we nicknamed "R2-D2". It looked like a big steam vac. and had an atomizer dome on top (hence the nickname). We used mineral oil or some shit to cover the heads with the vapor dome and timed it until the thing went in alarm. Seems counter-intuitive to me to expose a sensing chamber to 'oil', hell if I know..

Every system installed more recently has smokes with the sensitivity testing built-in.

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