System won't arm...bad sensor?

I have an ADT installed (years ago) alarm system with an Ademco control box (I don't have the details in front of me). It has been flashing 13 for a while and won't let me arm the system. I figured out that that corresponds to a wireless infrared sensor by my front door. I changed the batteries in it and that didn't help. Also, when I opened the case, it didn't beep on the control panel like it normally wuld. I am guessing the sensor has gone bad. My questions are:

1) Is there any way to confirm this without getting anew sensor? 2) Is there anyway to just disable that sensor so I can arm the system?

My knowledge of this system is pretty limited....

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Mike C
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If 13 really is the motion detector it may have not checked in with the receiver yet.

If you know the installer code you can go into programming and immediately exit programming with *99 or Power the system down...disconnect battery first, then transformer, wait a few minutes, then transformer then battery.

Make sure you use the good batteries...not the cheap ones.

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Crash Gordon

Hi Mike, My opinion is that, if; the sensor initially worked with the system, the battery is fresh and the PIR is free of dust and humidity, then it is probably defective. You would then need to change it. Installation is quite simple too, so if ever you need advice on setting it up, send me a message. Good luck. Ludovic

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Ludovic is probably right but before you replace the sensor, try swapping it with another sensor elsewhere in the house. If the problem follows the sensor, replace it. If not, the problem is in the wiring or the panel.

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