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The shop where I work appeared to have had a break-in attempt over the holiday weekend and the owner asked if I would post to get opinions on the best type of system to get for an auto repair shop? The person(s) who attempted to breakin did so by trying to push in a solid metal entry door. The front door is glass and there are 6 rollup metal doors. We think that it was kids looking to steal a stereo. We are three miles from the police station and rather isolated and this is the only trouble we've had, but assume that it won't be the last. I'm not sure if I'm asking the right questions but appreciate any help. Thx.

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I'd get a burglar alarm.

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Well I agree with Chub, but let's add a little to his comment...

- Possibly cold temp motions, if the shop isn't heated well or not 24/7... and depending on what "cold" is where you are.

- 30 watt (or higher?) sirens, shops echo well with these and even if the neighbors are too far away to hear them it'll still make a point to whoever's breaking in.

- I wouldn't worry about door contacts on the overhead doors, just cover them with motion detectors instead. Other people may disagree, or use both, your choice.

- If the panel can't be hidden, at least have it high enough that it can't be easily reached.

- Definitely should be a monitored system with a good central station.

- While you're at it, you may as well add a heat detector to the system too... Heat, not smoke.

- Good, reputable, long-lasting, local alarm company with a ton of references. Why local? It's hard to get good service if someone has to spend hours (or days) driving to get to you.

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