Security Camera Kit Remotely Viewable over the Internet !

Bill, hope you find this, I lost your email. The Security Camera system that I got YOU CAN VIEW All The Cameras over the Internet! You can use any computer. You just go to your system and you can view your cameras. All at one time or one at a time. You can even back up and see what all happened even days ago. Like a VCR. Its easy and fun. I have a second system at my mothers to keep an eye on her. Im scared she may start a fire, so I can check on her. I know this will work for your Business.

I have tried several of these and this is the one I like best. price is good and it works and is easy. I got it at

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Oh, please!

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Robert L Bass

Wow really? You can view it over the net?

Bill's not here man, you just missed him.

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Crash Gordon

A few posts down there is a guy with a storage business and I think this guy wants to spend about $500.00 on a "system". The two of you should get together!

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I should marry them.

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Moe Szyslak

Yeah, I can see it all now.

Well, I guess I'll check in on mommy.

Ohhhh, damn lookit that. She's set her robe on fire over the stove again.

Would ya look iter burn? Wow, I didn't know the old lady could move that fast!

Oh wow man! POOOOOF!

Lookiter beat those flames outta her hair! Holy crap!

Jeeeeeze ......looks kinda funny ..... bald.

Boy, am I glad this is recording. No one would ever believe someone that old could roll around on the floor for such a long time before she stopped moving. And in *COLOR* too!

Point, click, save.

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