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Hello to all,

I have just bought a property that has an security alarm installed, the previous owner died and I purchased the property from the daughter who lives

5000 miles away and has no idea about the alarm system. I cannot find any instruction manual whatsoever or any markings on the controller next to the front door.. I have worked out the 4 pin code to arm/disarm the alarm but want to edit the settings in programme mode..

Does anyone know how I can find out this code?

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would need to know xactly which system you have there all different some where theres a box that is the brains for system which should have a label and model number.

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nick markowitz


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Would you have a make? A model number? SOMETHING! .................... to give someone a clue?

There's more than one alarm panel in the world and I left my crystal ball at work.

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Since you appear to be posting from the UK you may want to ask in: news://

Of course, you'll need to be specific as to the brand/model of the alarm. You have not provided enough information to get assistance.

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G. Morgan

Many thanks to all who have responded, unfortunately I can find no markings anywhere on the control panel but the wires go to a cupboard by the front door where the gas & electric meter are so maybe the 'brains' to the system is in there... I will post a picture on Wed when I am back home again.

Also don't know if it has any relevance but just about every room has what appears to be a 'Panic Button' which also has a key... is the key used to reset the button if pressed?

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That's probably right but it's not usual to have "holdup" / "panic" buttons in a residence in every room unless the previous owner suffered from paranoia. Could be they were used for medical alert too, but I can't think why they would be key resetable. Maybe previous owner suffered from short term memory loss ..... also.

Hmmmm. But then he wouldn't remember why he was afraid either.

Need more information.

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