Radionics OmegaLarm 3012

Anyone have one of these laying around? I have a customer who has one who loves this system and does not want one that is starting to give problems. He has one of these in his boat shop as well.

I dont know much about these panels but it looks like I could just slap in a DSC panel and connect it to his keyswitch if he likes it so much. But he is a old man who does not want to spend any money. So I will see if anyone has one....



(BTW. I think these things look ugly. I have never seen a control box made from Plastic)

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Matthew Stanley
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I have not seen one of those 3012 units in 20 years. The 3012 didn't ever seem to hold up as well as the 8012 and 8112 units of that time. As I recall you had to use a PROM burner on the 3012, as many systems of that era did use burners. Not many of those burners around either. Perhaps you could call the guys at

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during normal business hours. They are a big Bosch dealer and have always used Radionics gear. Maybe they have some in the bone pile. I tossed all that long ago.

Oh and the plastic? Arrording to their rep at the time they spent BIG bucks gettting that designed; and there was another plastic can as I recall. It was the old Solfan/C&K cheapo that had a plastic can too. It had a little three button keyapd built in that programmed with a code block.

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