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What is the speed of the between a DSC alarm panel (like a PC5010) and a locally connected PC running DLS?


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It's just a little faster than you can walk.

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Frank Olson

Thanks Frank. I was hoping for something like 110 or 300 bps.

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Roland Moore

Using a PC-Link 5SP?

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Roland Moore

I have a Power832 (PC5010) system and a PC running DLS-2002 SP2. I also have a Lantronix single port terminal server and their COM port redirector software on the PC.

I idea is to connect to the alarm panel over the LAN rather than running a serial cable. The terminal server / redirector software works fine with other applications, but I have problems getting it going with the DSC system. I am suspecting that the problem is the link speed. The Lantronix unit does not support 110 bps (just 300 bps and higher).

Any help would be appreciated.

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Having been where you are many times I can say that getting a Lantronix unit to work can be vexing at times. Some of the information you request is not listed on the product literature. Which model Lantronix are you using?

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You do realize that plain ol un amplified RS232 with no reapeaters is good for 75 feet. Why not just take the unused pairs on your net drop and use them for a serial connection. (Ethernet only uses 2 pairs even though there are four in the cable.)

Yeah... I know you want to do it over your ethernet.

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Bob La Londe

I never used that model. Usually it is (was) a UDS-10 (now 1100) that gets used most often around here. I can think of some reason why it won't work with that software. You might want to forget using the Lantronix and get the T-Link instead. Just make sure the ports you need aren't blocked. Port Usage Table

NOTE: Confirm with the network administrator that the following ports are locked open and

that the SG-DRL3-IP has network access for all required network segments.



Port #

Programming Location to Change

T-Link TL250/


T-Link Source Port 3060 Section [009] T-Link options from Keypad

T-Link Destination


3061 Section [010] T-Link options from Keypad


T-Link Port 3061 Section [0B] [0C] from Console S/W

DLS Port 3062 Section [0D] [0E] from Console S/W

SA Port 3063 Section [11] [12] from Console S/W

Console S/W Port 3064 Section [14] [15] from Console S/W

DLS2002 DLS Port 3062 Modem Configuration Options

DLS SA SA Port 3063 Modem Configuration Options

Console Console Port 3064

T-Link Console

TFTP Firmware Upgrade 69

8.1 Remote Control

The panel and the DLS software will control this function. The module will be a conduit for the

information. Commands can be sent from the DLS or SA software to allow control of the

panel; Arm/Disarm, Bypass/Un-Bypass, Status Request.

NOTE: New DLS-3 and System Administrator drivers are required for the PC5020 v3.2 and

PC4020 v3.31. These drivers can be downloaded free from dsc.com/dls3drivers.htm. DLS-3

and System Administrator can communicate directly to the T-Link TL250 module. The DLS

software can be used with UL Listed installations only when service personnel are on-site.

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My experience is its way faster than that

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Mark Leuck

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