Optima 2 plus - flashing Red Power LED on Keypad ?

Hi, I'm trying to sort out an old Optima 2 plus alarm which has been disconnected from the mains for a few months.

On reconnecting the power, by inserting the mains fuse back in the control panel, the alarm goes off but also the Power LED on the keypad flashes.

It has reverted back to the default 0123 Customer code and 9999 Engineering code.

These can be entered and are accepted but the Power LED continues to flash and the Green 'Day Mode' LED will not stay lit, although it lights briefly while the Reset key is held down.

The battery is also dead but with mains power connected I do not think this is causing the problem. I can not see why any amount of resetting including clearing the NVM (by connecting terms 40 and 41) won't clear the flashing LED.

Can any one tell me what a flashing Power LED on the Keypad means if mains power is connected to the control panel ?



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Try this

Remove mains , remove the battery , apply mains , enter code , reconnect battery , close panel , press reset , should be back to normal.

Arrange to get it checked over tho...or it may happen again.

Got this from here

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(Answer No. 51). It may be worth asking there.



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