Need help programming Regency 4720 - lost code 0

Hello group, I need help.

The previous owner of the home I'm in now changed the default code 0 (5432) and does not remember the new code. I can not get into the programming mode and I was wondering if there is a way to reset the main panel back to the factory default, or is there a way to "hot" boot into the programming menu? Or, could I read the code from the eprom using an eprom programmer? There is what looks like a phone jack on the eprom board. Is this a programming connection ? Thanks in advance.

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JOHN- Adelphia
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You need to check to see if there is a 4724 module plugged into the lower left of the main board. This is a memory expansion and programming enhancement. If there is nothing there, then programming is done in hexidecimal format and can be a real bear. If there is, then you can program from the keypad more easily. To set the entire panel back to factory default do the following. First, turn off the main power switch. Second, locate the LX buss connecters just above the long terminal strip at the bottom of the board, there will be two and both are identicle. Locate the second and the fifth pins from the left. Place a short accross these pins. Third, turn power back on. Once the keypad initallizes, remove the shorting jumper.The keypad will then ask 'Default All Yes No ". press 1 for yes 2 for no. This will default ALL programming in the panel. New code will be 123456. I have been told there is no other way to default the installer code. Once defaulted, programming is best done with the computer software that works with the pannel. If you know someone that has a 5520 programmer from Silent Knight, then they can plug the chip into the pannel and read any information you need. Changes can be made at that time also.

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