Looking at the old financials.

As I look at my old financials the first thing I realize is I am way behind on my shredding.

I am amazed at how little paper I generated the first few years. The first year my critical financials didn't come close to filling a single business envelope box. The second year it nearly filled one. The third year I had to upgrade to a battery box. Now I closing and filing bankers boxes every year. Sometimes a couple. That's just the bare minimum must save incase I am audited stuff.

I do realize I need to shred a lot of old records though. Need to figure out how to shred old computer records too. I went to QuickBooks in 1997 and every record is still there. Just by the grace of god and good timing on backups a couple times, but still there.

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Bob La Londe
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In my area, sometimes the local library has a shred truck available for a day for free shredding service. Take a look around, you may find something like that available in your area.

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Jim Davis

When I went thru the bankruptcy after going thru cancer I burned most of the old records as company no longer exsisted.

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