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Since 1987, Daylight Saving Time has

> begun at 2:00 A.M. on the first Sunday in April and has ended at 2:00 > A.M. on the last Sunday in October. Be aware, there will be a change > next year. Daylight Saving Time will start on the second Sunday in > March and end on the first Sunday in November.

Trust the Government gnomes to make a change for change's sake.

George (The Old Fud)

I know that you believe that you understood what you think I said, but I am not sure you realize that what you heard is not what I meant. -- Robert McCloskey, State Department spokesman (attributed)

[TELECOM Digest Editor's Note: When the government makes changes, it is usually to Save Us From Ourselves, Because the Public Servants Know Best. Prior to 1987, wasn't DST always between last Sunday in April and first Sunday in October? They keep squeezing it together (or stretching it out, whichever you wish to say).

A reader wrote to my personal email address to note that the Old Farmer's Almanac next year may decide to include the blizzard snow storms in New England a couple weeks ago in their book of extremes. I hope they do! And somewhere on the net I read today that now Colorado has a major blizzard this week, with several inches of snow on the ground, and it is still October. We have already had a frosty morning or two here in Independence this 'winter' now approaching. Yet, our town authorities continue on bravely with their Neewollah festivities, damn the weather and all that! Neewollah (which is 'Halloween' spelled backwards) is our very traditional Octoberfest celebration each year, the last ten days in October, when everyone throughout southeast Kansas has a 'good time', drinks in far too much excess, and the street merchants make a killing on selling their souvenier trinkets and high-priced food and carnival rides, etc. It has gone on now for more than seventy-five years. PAT]

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