Just a simple alarm

I'm am looking for a simple hard-wire alarm control from my business.

Many of the control panels I have seen are overkill for my application, with lots of features and extra zones that I don't really need. I'm just looking for a simple basic panel with a good reputation for reliability.

Here are the specs.

Local alarm with bell cut off ( I will add a dialer module later). at least 6 hard wire nc alarm zones (no wireless zones needed) At least one delay/entry zone Normally Open Panic Button circuit Hard wire indoor keypad control panel AC Powered with battery back up.

As I said, just a simple control panel is all I really need...

Can anyone make any suggestions/recommendatons? Thank you!


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dialer module?...I wonder if they even sell them anymore.

Vista 10P cheap, reliable, easy to program.

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Crash Gordon

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