I'm on a search too!

Been trying to find a camera. A 1080P HD over coax eyeball, white, fixed 2 to 3 mm lens, outdoor with IR about 50 to 75 feet, day night, good back lig ht and WDR 12VDC WITH A MATCHING WHITE COLOR BACK BOX.

e pushed back into the wall. So I need the back box to contain the connecto rs. The cameras are being mounted right beside the doors, in sight, so I ca n't use just an electrical box.

Any suggestions???

Hikvision has them but their cameras are ugly with the separate I/R and len s. All the camera needs is a smile painted on it and it'd look like a happy face.

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I just installed those Hikvision Turret models IP cams. Excellent picture @ 3MP w/ 2.8mm. The outside mount has junction box has a integrated into the fixture.

But then you wanted 1080p on coax. I think the best on coax these days is going to be HD @ 720p or 2mp.

As for the LED off set?? So far did not see a hotspot of IR on the picture. The single IR seems to have a very even dispersion.

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I Haven't tried any IP cameras yet. When I get some time to experiment, I'l l give it a try. I don't do on-the-job learning curves.

As far as HD over coax, there are quite a few 1080P cameras available. The problem with needing back boxes on this job comes from the fact that the co ax video and power connections takes up a lot of room at the camera end so extra room is needed behind the camera. On this job two of the cameras are right at the door to the house and on a stone wall so there's nowhere to pu sh the cable and connections back into the wall. But, since I also want to keep the camera small the turret/eyeball cameras are the smallest .... but apparently they don't make back boxes for them.

Duh .... you would think that the smaller the camera the more likely room w ould be needed behind the camera for connections. But, what the hell, the p eople who design these things never install them.

My distributor is zeroing in on a product right now. We'll see what happens . Worst case is that the color of the back box wont exactly match the color of the camera.

As far as the Hikvision cameras, yes, I can see the reasoning of the separa te IR and lens but ..... for close quarters mounting at the doorways, resid ential, they look ridiculous and I'm sure I'd get comment from my clients. I wouldn't hesitate if it were high up or on commercial. All they need is a smile.

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Yeah, that's what I've been using. There are hybrid DVR's that will do both analog and 1080P. It's a good way to upgrade existing analog systems. When DVR goes out I replace it with a hybrid DVR and I'll change one camera for them free of charge. As soon as they see the huge improvement in picture q uality they have me do more and eventually all of the existing cameras.

Yeah, I thought of that and would have probably done it but the distributor has finally located a HD 1080P camera with a matching back box for me. Bu t this has got to be really first class looking. The camera is no more than 3 to 4 feet away from the doorway.

I've read about the capability of the IP cameras and I'm sure I'll find som e time eventually to sit down and experiment with some. But I have to buy a DVR and a few cameras and set it up on the work bench and play with it for awhile. I can't stand it when you try to install a new product for a custo mer and you run into a problem and have to get on the line with tech suppor t and the customer is watching and wondering why you don't know how to do w hat you were supposed to be the expert at doing.

Next slow period ( if there ever is one ) I'll give it a go.

On the other hand, it's a nice complaint to have, ..... that I'm too busy.

Right now I'm working two $15K new construction residential jobs at the sa me time. They want everything I do. Alarm, home theater, whole house and ou tdoor audio, sourced and controlled via Sonos, computer network set up and wireless network expansion. IPhone/IPad control of lighting, thermostat, CC TV cameras, garage doors and alarm system. IPads on the wall. Install and m ounting 7 TV's in one house, 8 TV's in the other .... all with remote cable boxes. Each house has a whole closet dedicated to the electronics in the h ome.

And I just quoted on a refurbished alarm system in a 110 year old Tudor sty le, 7 bedroom home. Just for the alarm upgrade I'm quoting $11.5K. It's got over 70 openings and a system installed in the 80's. Have to expand the sy stem into more than the existing 16 zones and eliminate all the old Litton Terminus shock sensors on every opening. Got to install audio glass brake d etectors in every room with contacts only on doors and windows. It's plaste r over wood lath balloon construction. The place has so many rooms it looks like a hotel. Beautiful old fashioned home.

The economy is coming back with a vengeance. ..... for me anyway.

And, ......... I work alone and lovin it !!!!

Hope your doing well too.

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Oh?? So is that what is going on............................ :-)

And here I thought it was just me not wasting money on advertising and my customer base likes me............ a lot.

I have only had maybe 1 day in the past 3 months that I have not done something for a customer in some shape of form. 24/7 is killing me.

I work alone as well since having an employee causes me to have more stress, higher BP, and psychically working harder than I do by myself.

Life goes on.

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Yes, I believe that to be true about my self also, but in addition ... I am extremely handsome and heroic.

To me ..... that's the best complaint a professional small business person can ever have.

Yeah, amazing .... isn't it? On occasion, when I need a helper "at the othe r end" ... It seems I spend more time telling whoever is working for me wh at to do, than it takes for me to do it myself. Even if I had to walk back and forth between either end!! It takes me too long to explain all of the c ontingencies that could occur and how to react to them. So they usually win d up standing around for a good portion of the day watching me go back and forth as I tell them what to be looking for. And it gets frustrating to wat ch someone try to snake a wire for 15 minutes, that I could do with one twi st of the snake. Even so called experienced installers.

But first of all, I'm not going to spend 35 bucks an hour for a technician to help me snake wires. However, with someone less than that, even just try ing to explain all the nuances of different sounds to listen for when using a signal tracer to someone who doesn't know how to use it beyond the basic .... (tone or no tone) .... level is too time consuming. Sometimes it's a chore to get them to understand that even not hearing a signal is informati on that can be used to determine what's going on.

Yes .... but the warrantee will eventually run out.

WHAT? ..... you didn't get a warrantee??

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2 to 3 mm lens, outdoor with IR about 50 to 75 feet, day night, good back l ight and WDR 12VDC WITH A MATCHING WHITE COLOR BACK BOX.

be pushed back into the wall. So I need the back box to contain the connec tors. The cameras are being mounted right beside the doors, in sight, so I can't use just an electrical box.

ens. All the camera needs is a smile painted on it and it'd look like a hap py face.

Check out the new Nuvico HDocs 10 P HD TVi cameras which work over coax or cat 5

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LOL Been there done that so many times. However, there is a guy I use that is top notch. He has his own business servicing and installing awnings. It is mostly seasonal work. Spring/Fall Up/Down.

He is one of the rare guys that automatically will hand you the next tool to do a job. Literally thinks ahead on everything we do just as I am. Training was a minimum, he just got it. There have been times that he will point out something I missed or forgot. Gladly pay him what he wants. If I have a job that I need him for I will schedule around his schedule. I never want to make his business suffer because of my work. He would be the dream employee if he wanted to be an employee, which he does not.

Then there is the other side of the coin with the other subs, that you have explained quite well. It is a struggle that they will never understand.

Have a good week.

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We are all born to be terminal. Some are short, some are long, but, all are terminal.

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