Honeywell Galaxy Panels

I may need to replace my trusty old Scantronic 9100 system.

I've heard that the Honeywell Galaxy (possibly the 3-48C) may well be the one to go for, but I do have a number of questions:

0) The big one - is this kit installable by a reasonably competent DIYer and electronics hacker, who also happens to be a software guy by trade, or does it really need to be installed by an alarm company (with their darned maintenance contracts).

1) I've got 9 zones of 4 wire sensors (6 wire to the PIRs) and a PAB. It appears that the Galaxy uses two wire technology. I assume that means I need to open up all my existing sensors and install lots of resistors to allow tamper detection to work - is that right?

2) The existing system has a builtin loudspeaker in the panel, I assume the Galaxy needs to have one fitted?

3) The existing system has a keypad builtin to the control panel as well as an external keypad in another room. I assume that I need TWO external keypads for the Galaxy - is that right?

4) I have a external SAB (Stand-Alone-Bell) unit with a strobe. The strobe is driven off its own relay in the control panel (two wires), and the SAB has four wires - +ve, -Ringing, 0V (-ve), and Tamper Return. Can this be driven from the Galaxy?

That's it for now ...

Cheers Dave

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Dave Partridge
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The Galaxy systems can be installed by a competant DIYer but may be a bit of an overkill and different terminology can be confusing. You may be better off looking at a cheaper, easier panel to work with. A smaller version Cooper Menvier or Scantronic panel may be a better choice.

That is correct as the Galaxy range does not allow to install to without resistors.



The SAB will be able to be controlled by any new panel.

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Paul Ekins

Do you have any specific recommendations?

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