Home Security: The Growing Threat

For years the United States of America has been faced with a growing threat to security. Terrorists have threatened our way of life and the lives of our children. What we don't realize is the threat to security is not just from terrorists, but peoples of our very country.

People all across the country, have fallen victim to attacks, burglaries, rape, murder, and much more. The worst threats lye in our very own homes. As our day comes to an end, we settle comfortably into our beds, we feel a sense of security, protected by our homes. What we don't realize is that we are not safe. We are more vulnerable in our own homes then any where else. As we sleep, we have no awareness of our surroundings, to noises, or any other distractions that might catch our attention as we carry on through our day. Instead we rest comfortably, sound asleep, and assured that our children and household is safe.

For years now, we have heard time and time again of burglaries, murders in the home, rapists entering a home and victimizing the helpless. Now more then ever we must take extra care to assure our safety and security. With the implementation of wireless security systems, motion detectors, security cameras, hidden microphones, and surveillance equipment, we have established the means of taking back some of the control we have long lost to terror.

Don't let yourself become the victim, protect and defend yourself using todays advanced technology. Rest comfortably at night knowing that you and your children are safe.

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Uh, Dude, you're preaching to the choir..........

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Russell Brill

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What the heck does a home burglar alarm system have to do with terrorists?

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Robert L Bass

Since when has fear based mongering become the way to sell security services. This borders on lowbrow....


snipped-for-privacy@thebadguysbeware.com wrote:

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He's certainly not the first to pull that sort of crap.

I disagree, Bob. He's way across that border. :^)

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Robert L Bass

Too bad most of the stuff on your page is crap

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Mark Leuck

Not true! You didn't see the "Economy Spy Sun Glasses"? You need several pair. What if something PINK is coming up behind you? How would you know? These glasses could save your life. I bet if Saddam had a pair he'd be alive today. I think you need to by a diversion safe just to store the glasses in. This site is great, comes complete with broken links and all! This is a true professional's DIY site and I think all other DIY sites are in real trouble now.

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Roland Moore

Nah. It's just the typical DIY website. All out to dupe the public into thinking that they can learn to install an alarm system over the telephone. Equipment being sold by people who've never installed it themselves. Websites based on information gleaned and stolen from other companies. Copys of manufacturers websites and catalogs. Constantly stating that installation companys are out to bilk the public. And by eliminating the fact that alarm companies have overhead and expenses to be in business ...... posting dealer prices to end users, to "prove" how dealers rip off the public.

Nah .... I'd say that this is about average and commonplace in the DIY trade. There are some good ones out there but ..... ya know, it's hard to tell which is which unless you get a good recommendation from someone.

But .... all any end user has to do is come to this Newsgroup and take a poll of the participants and they'll immediately know which one is not recommended.

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