Help me identify my home system model

I'm a newbie here. I'm trying to remove a defective CO sensor from my home system, however i dont know anything about the system, including the make/model. I figure if I can determine the make/model, then I can start finding out how to make the changes I want.

So, I could use some help identifying the type of alarm system I have. There are markings on the unit to tell me who made it. The installer/reseller doesnt really want to work with me (for reasons that are too long to go into here.... suffice to say in my contract I got some language put into it that made it clear who owns this equipment. They tried to charge me $3000 to get out of my original monitoring contract).

I put some pictures of the unit on my website....

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I can also anwer any questions to help identify this unit and eventually (hopefully) remove the CO sensor.



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It's a Simon version 2 from GE / ITI

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In order to replace your existing CO detector, you'd need to have either Utility Access Code 1 or 2 to delete the old one from programming and add the new one. Unless the default code was left in (always possible with ADT), you'd need to get the code from the installer (sounds unlikely in your case) or default the whole system to the factory settings (not recommended at all).

On the other hand, if your contract has expired, you could always go with another company who could take over the account and help you more effectively than you just trying to help yourself. Your local yellow pages would be a good start for this route.

Once you have the new detector installed and programmed, it would be a good idea to call ADT and have them put your account on test for an hour or two. This gives you time to set off the detector and call them back to make sure they received the signal without having the fire dept. at your door.

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