GVRP LeaveEmpty takes longer than expected


I apologize if this is not the right site to submit this question. Please advise me if so.

We are using a commercial GARP application utilizing GVRP. The GVRP enabled system has two ports that is set up similar to the UNH test suite ftp://ftp.iol.unh.edu/pub/bfc/testsuites/gvrp/all-operation.pdf.

Occasionally I see that the LeaveEmpty packet is received much later than expected. Debugging the protocol shows that the propagated port for the Vlan Id is in the VP state (leaveall has expired on that port) when the IndLeave occurs. The IndLeave transitions the port from the VP to the VO state. The LeaveEmpty is not sent out until the port expires on the next LeaveAll and the states transgress from VP, AA, QA, LA.

The usual expected action would be that the IndLeave would occur when the port is in the QA state causing a transition to the LA state.

Is this correct behavior? Reviewing IEEE 802.1D Applicant State table it seems to have moved to the expected state when a IndLeave is received on a port in the VP state

Any help would be appreciated.


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