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I have been looking at pci dvr cards, cameras, etc... and wondered if anyone could answer some basic questions I have. Are all these cards compatible with the various software packages? All I'm looking for is something that can accept 2-3 cameras and will post the pictures OR video up to a website (and archive it) if something comes into its field of view. I'm ok with a linux or windows based system. Any suggestions?


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Have you looked at ZoneMinder?

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There is a supplier
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that sells DVR cards that work well with ZoneMinder, and will even supply a Live-CD Linux disc with an optimized-for-Zoneminder Linux installation that you can test with (or perhaps even use as is as your CCTV system). See the "shop" link on the ZoneMinder web site.

The folks at BlueCherry were very helpful to me when I needed them to be, and the Zoneminder software has been very reliable and very usable.

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Sylvain Robitaille

I'll second the recommendation for BlueCherry.

If you're going to be running more than one camera, spring for one of the capture cards with multiple capture chips so that you've got one capture channel per camera. The cheaper cards where one chip handles up to four cameras just aren't worth the hassle. As the chip changes the channel, you loose sync on the camera for a few frames and the auto brightness/contrast adjustments take even more frames to settle down. This renders motion detection difficult at best.

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Brian W. Antoine

If you are looking for good and easy to use, maybe you like to test for Alnetsystems ? please, look for they website,

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They have a maybe most clever system, that we have seen. Anyway, many happy users.

In US they have a distributors too.


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