Home Automation and Electronic Internet "Porch Sale"

Home Automation and Electronic Internet "Porch Sale"

I've worked up a preliminary list of personal stuff for sale at my Internet Porch Sale here:

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Partial list:

Cutler-Hammer Advanced Power System Measure and Control with HA nine (9) Cutler-Hammer panel circuit breakers. UL of course

Touch Screens: Mitsubishi 21" touchscreen CRT 20" touch screens overlays (for LCD or CRT) IBM industrial 7592 touchscreen computers cheep Fujitsu Stylistic 3400 Tablet FMW4203TS touch-screen computer

RS-232/422/485 multiport: Comtrol RocketPort Si hub 8-port Ethernet-to-RS232/422/485 Comtrol RocketPort Si hub 4-port Ethernet-to-RS232/422/485 Comtrol PCI 8-port RS-232 with DB-9 octa-cables Comtrol PCI 8-port RS-232 with female RJ45 connector

Sensors: Pressure transducers Current transformers Shunt Resistors for current monitoring Current-to RMS voltage converters for AC current monitoring BIK Electric Field Proximity Detector Thermocouple 16-input multiplexers with common ice point. Seismic sensors Carle 8500 Basic Gas Chromatograph (A whaaaat ?? ;-)

Video: Channel Plus Model 3025 All-in-One Multi-room Video Distribution with Dual Input Modulator IR compatible

Lighting and X10: Soundlight PCDMX 1512C ISA bus DMX-512 Two output *and* two input controller: Control and measure two DMX universes (1024 8-bit channels) at ~40hz X-10 X10 ACT CR230 coupler/repeater Jeff Volp's XTB Signal Booster, Leviton HCA02-10E coupler amplifier CM11a's TW523's, RF remotes, lamp modules, appliance modules, SR227's, motion sensors, wall switches, wall multifunction, Rex the Dog, Six-in-One remotes and more -- Many pounds of X-10 gear

Audio Gear Ivie 784PW and 884PW 8-in, 4-out audio matrix mixers. Automatic Matrix mixers for HA and voice control Can be ganged for 16-in, 8-out I have about eight units too many Echo Layla multitrack recording system Dynaco Pat-4 Preamp (this is like selling grandma ...) Dynaco FM5 Tuner Dynaco Stereo-150 Four "Jordan 50mm Modules NOS ADCOM DSP-560 Surround Sound Processor 3-channel Amplifier Carver TX-11 FM tuner Twelve (12) Nelson Pass A40 Class-A power amplifier pcb's Some partially built With test jig, With some original Lambda darlington output devices, Various caps, heatsinks, transformers etc

Data Acquisition Hardware (DAQ, ADC, PIO, DIO cables, I/O boards etc ) National Instruments AT-MIO-16E-2 ISA 16-channel 12-bit ADC DAC DIO National Instruments PCI-MIO-16XE-50 16-channel, 16-bit ADC DAC DIO National Instruments PCI-DIO-24 National Instruments PCI-DIO-96

Books and Software

HAL w/ HAl/HomeSeer voicemodem Photoshop CS Windows. Labview Express Student Version v 7.0 Home Automation Basics Practical Applications using Visual Basic 6

Basic Programming MS-basic QuickBasic, Crescent libraries, PDQ, VB1, VB2, VB3, VB4, VB5, VB6, VB.net VB Express, VB for Applications, Tutorials, Books on Basic .

Gigabit fiber networking Intel Pro 1000 Gigabit Fiber Network PCI Cards Netgear GS504 4-Port Gigabit Fiber Switch Netgear FS518 switch

an much more.

I'll be adding more items and better descriptions and photos as time permits.

I want a hassle-free experience -- hence posting here first rather than selling on eBay.

Thanks in advance for looking ... Marc


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I've added more items including a swanky Home Theatre PC and slashed prices.

I'd cut prices in half again for anyone willing to show up with a van and take it _all_ away ...

Most could be given free of charge to qualified a non-profit entity, eg a

501(c)(3) or other charitable organization listed in the online version of IRS Publication 78 at
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for listing and details.

More to come.

... Marc Marc_F_Hult

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