careful with lites and videos

Hi; Just a heads up, don't do what i did. If you put up a security light you could get charged, i did! Worse the day after the vandal almost set my garage on fire, the police were back searching for a video camera, they can charge you for trying to protecting you stuff. Don't think so? Look!

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Thats nothing a little tear gas couldnt take care of.... let him come on the property again with a "weapon" and gas him... or you might try a gun. Just some thoughts. I'm in the U.S. so I'm not sure how your laws work, but if he is posing a threat you have the right to defend yoruself and family.

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Yeah... forget the lights and videos... A couple of guard towers, an electrified fence with razor wire at the top, and one or two pit-bulls with AIDS...

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