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Does anyone know how to block user posts from appearing on your computer...specifically this lunatic with the MI5 persecution complex. I have to sift through a multitude of his idiotic posts before I can find a regular post..


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Depends on what news client you have, the problem is he constantly changes his name

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Mark Leuck

There is no filter on google groups. Unfortunatly. Otherwise I would filter myself. :-)

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Roger W

If you're using Google Groups, no. Some newsreaders can filter based on content but they slow everything down. I use plain, old MSOE. The MI5 stuff usually comes in bunches so I mark them all as "read" (past tense, that is) and hit F5 to make them disappear.

The MI5 guy isn't actually crazy; he's a troll. He uses a program to generate the content, spoof different servers and vary his aliases. Complaining about it makes him happy. Just ignore it like I do Jiminex and after a while he'll go away. He shows up for a few weeks every few months, trashes a bunch of newsgroups and then disappears when his account gets canceled.

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Robert L Bass

Outlook Express....

Select a message from a sender you want to block. On the Message menu, click Block Sender."

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Using my special UFO satellite communications link I have been in close email contact with a certain organization in Britain. Using information obtained from the time warp forecaster (found in the Roswell crash) they said not to worry about future posts like this cluttering up all these NGs. Something about a man from Poland, but they pronounced it like Polonium. I can't quite figure out what they mean, but you know those zany Brits and their secret organizations.

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Roland Moore

Use a real newsreader.

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I recommend Agent, but 40tude is good and so is X-News.

For filtering I use Newsproxy (works with any reader) because it can filter on more header fields than Agent. It is a proxy that goes in between your reader and the NNTP server.

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