anyone from Massachusetts or know alarm installation business ups/downs?

.....specifically, the ups/downs/pitfalls/requirements/licensure/insurance etc etc etc....seriously considering a career/life change, business opportunity, etc etc.....interested in the security/fire alarm installation field.... your input/feedback is appreciated....

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Are you looking to start your own business, or going to work for someone? If you don't currently have a Mass. C and D License, you may want to consider working for someone to learn the ropes. The ups and downs are the monies involved to get up and running.

Jack I'm originally from Western Mass.


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stick around and read the posts herein!

I doubt that MA is much different than any other state, except specifically what licenses you need, all the other crap that comes with owning a small business will be much the same.

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Crash Gordon

Do you have a business plan as of yet? This industry, not so much fire, is very diverse. What areas of security are you thinking of entering? Fire is life safety and there is no diversity other than what is in NFPA. Keep your company insured, which is probably required in the licensing statute anyway, with liability (million $ plus) E&O, completed operations coverage, and Workers Comp. on your employees. Some states require seperate licensing for burg and fire. Tell us where you are going with this and then we can spell out the ups and downs and any pitfalls, otherwise we could be talking volumes of info. on this subject. You will get a lot of different opinions here. What may work for one, may not work for another, but there is much info that will pertain to anyone in the biz, regardless of their individual business plans. Get back with us.


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