anybody playing with rfid tags

have a different customer looking for a straight anti theft tag or rfid he can put under the label on buckets of products he produces so he knows if it goes out a door other than shipping dept. ideas

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Nick Markowitz Jr.
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That sounds like an EAS application, not RFID. EAS systems through either Sensormatic or Checkpoint should fit the bill if the goal is to stop shoplifting.

The difference is that true RFID would tell you WHICH item walked through the door. Eventually, retail will probably use RFID tags instead of bar codes down to the indivdual item. Imagine moving a pallet of merchandise through the warehouse door and having your inventory adjusted instantly. Consumers could move a shopping cart full of merchandise through a portal and have the enitre cart rung-up instantly. At the same time the merchandise in the cart would be removed from the store's inventory system. This would eliminate thousands of hours worth of manual inventory and waiting for clerks to individually ring-up merchandise at a register.

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J. Sloud

I'm certainly no technophobe but this seems to lend it self to something I heard a long time ago.

Computers can handle so much datat that you realize that it only takes a few seconds to make more than million mistakes?

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