An interesting letter received in the mail today

Below is the context of the letter.

************ Request for Proposals

I hold a qualification for K-67 Dual Low Voltage Elecetrical Contractor for the state of Arizona. I desire to activate this license for the purpose of conducting business in the license activity.

I am requesting that any organization or individual who is interested in having my license status qualify their enterprise, respond to this Request for Proposals.

I have almost 15 years experience in all aspects of low voltage contracting with emphasis on complex and large scale fire detection and large scale special hazard fire suppression systems. I am NICET certified Level 3 in Fire Alarm Systems and Level 1 in Special Hazard Systems.

I am available to qualify a company and/or provide technical assistance, design services, review and approval services for AHJ plan review and installation commissioning.

I am open to discussio of any proposal that is mutually beneficial and looking forward to hearing from you regarding this matter.

You will find me easy to do business with and professional in my business practices. I will keep all information received confidential.


I had a lot of thoughts about this letter, the first of which is why in the heck did he send me one? I have two contractor's licenses already.

The next thing I noticed is that his letter did not include his license number anywhere. With 15 years experience in every aspect of low voltage electrical contracting I would think he would know by now that any advertisment for trade under a contractor's license is required by state statute to bear the license number.

Most of the rest of my thoughts were wondering about the legality of his letter and proposed business arrangements.


What do you think?

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Bob La Londe
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Looks like the Kenya Bankers are involved Mike

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They are using a re-mailer then. The return address is Scottsdale, and the postmark is Phoenix.

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Bob La Londe

Rodney got run out of Telluride?

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Robert L Bass

Sounds to me like the arrangement suggested in the letter might not be in the best interest of consumers or that it might not be in the best interest of contractors.

One thing which sets off alarm bells is the not so good writing in the letter. Possibly from someone in a foreign country?

Anyway the whole contractor board thing is there to protect consumers as well as to protect legitimate contractors. I would send a copy of this letter to your state contractor board as well as a copy of the envelope.

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Aside from all the bad things it could be

Maybe some installer who's worked for a large Electrical firm installing fire systems and who was the "desiganted license holder" has decided to go out on his own. Not having any actual business expeience, he's found a list of alarm companys and just sent out a "resume" to see if he can hook up with someone who's got the business experience that he ( from the looks of his letter writing) lacks.

Just because he can install fire alarms and licensed and trained, doesn't necessarily mean that he's aware of all of the business, administrative and protocols, in the trade. In a large organization, the business office takes care of all those things.

Just a thought ...............

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