Adding Zones to Concord 4


Since all my sensors are wireless I have deleted all the zones from the memory of Concord 4. It looks like with wireless sensors each sensor is in its own zone (but of course difference group as needed). I was just curious if I need to add zones back, how do I go about it? I don't see any menu item to add zones.

Thanks Leon

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Do you not have a manual?

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Mark Leuck

It is in the same menu as "delete zone", you should be able to scroll to it.

James B

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J Barnes

On the Concord panels you have to 'learn' the sensor into the panel. Enter programming mode, go to learn sensors, choose partition number, choose group type, then it will tell you to trip the sensor to learn it into the zone. You'll need to read the specs on your wireless device on how to trip it.


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