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Having a problem getting our two BCM 50's to connect for VoiP service. We programmed a VPN on the intergrated router to point the LAN addresses to their counterpart and it doesn't seem to do the trick. Both systems are direct to a WAN Port with no other firewalls or routers between them and the ISP. Any insight on whether a VPN is necessary or little tricks to get this thing up and running would be appreciated...

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A VPN is not necessary but a gateway table or gatekeeper is essential. This makes your dialed number to ip address translation for you.

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1) Can you ping from one to the other, both ways? If not, that is problem number one. 2) Do you have the VOIP trunk licenses? Don't forget, you can set everything up on a BCM, but it won't work until the licenses are installed. Plenty more things it could be, but they're the first things to check

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